Lakshminarayan (Independent)
Elected in Year
Backward Category A
Population (2011)
1.75 sq. km
Assembly Consitituency
Parliamentary Consitituency
Bangalore Central
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    More Buses Please: From Domlur Bridge (Towards Dhupanahalli) To Jn of Sarjapura Ring Road (Towards Marathahalli Bridge)
    06 Aug, 2018
    More Buses Please: From Varthur Kodi (Towards Marathahalli) To Domlur (Towards Commando Hospital)
    25 Jul, 2018
    More Buses Please: From Panathuru Cirlce (Towards Gunjuru) To Dell (Towards Domlur)
    25 Jul, 2018
    More Buses Please: From Domlur Flyover (Towards Dhupanahalli) To CS-Kasturinagara (Towards Benniganahalli)
    10 Jul, 2018
    More Buses Please: From CS-Doddanikkundi ORR (Towards Mahadevapura ) To Domlur (Towards Commando Hospital)
    11 Jun, 2018
    More Buses Please: From Dr BR Ambedkar Bus Terminal Domlur (Towards Arrival) To Vidyaranyapura Bus Station (Towards Vidyaranyapura Last Stop)
    09 Mar, 2018
    More Buses Please: From Bhadrappa Layout (Towards Hebbala) To CS-Indiranagara 12th Main (Towards KFC)
    18 Jan, 2018
    More Buses Please: From CMH Hospital (Towards Indira Nagara Police Station) To Dell (Towards Domlur)
    25 Oct, 2017
    More Buses Please: From CS-Alpine Eco Apartments (Towards Doddanukkundi ) To Domlur Flyover (Towards Commando Hospital)
    21 Sep, 2017
    Illegal parking of cabs on road side-Near Dell , Domlur
    04 Aug, 2016
    Stray Dogs
    22 Aug, 2015
    Leaves being burnt in Amarjyothi Layout
    03 Mar, 2014
    Construction/encroachment on public property near Domlur Flyover
    06 Oct, 2013
    Dangerous location of Domlur Flyover Bus stop
    05 Jul, 2013
    Roads in front of bus stand
    29 Jun, 2013
    Increasing numbers of mosquitos in Domlur 2nd Stage 1st Main 5th Cross
    12 Apr, 2013
    Irregular garbage collection
    14 Jan, 2013
    Mud roads full of bumps
    14 Jan, 2013
    No Garbage Clearance
    28 Dec, 2012
    roads conditions
    27 Jul, 2012
    Drainage work not finishing
    08 May, 2012
    Streetlight in 4th Cross, I Main Road, Domlur Layout
    29 Apr, 2012
    Open drain
    13 Feb, 2012
    Water Problem
    21 Dec, 2011
    Stray dogs
    17 Apr, 2011

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