Aruna Ravi (BJP)
Elected in Year
Backward Category B (Women)
Population (2011)
3.58 sq. km
Assembly Consitituency
C V Raman Nagar
Parliamentary Consitituency
Bangalore Central
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    More Buses Please: From HAL Main Gate (Towards NGEF) To Bagmane Tech Park (Towards CV Raman Nagara)
    05 Jul, 2018
    More Buses Please: From Abbaiah Layout (Towards Abbaiah Layout) To Jn of Swamy Vivekananda Road Baiyappanahalli NGEF (Towards HAL Main Gate)
    30 Mar, 2018
    More Buses Please: From Marathahalli Bridge (Towards Kempegowda Bus Station) To Bagmane Tech Park (Towards CV Raman Nagara)
    09 Mar, 2018
    More Buses Please: From Hosa Road (Towards Electronic City) To Bagmane Tech Park (Towards CV Raman Nagara)
    08 Feb, 2018
    More Buses Please: From Benniganahalli (Towards Kempegowda Bus Station) To Kundalahalli (Towards Kundalahalli Gate)
    05 Feb, 2018
    More Buses Please: From Marathahalli (Towards Varthuru) To CV Raman Nagara (Towards BEML Gate)
    16 Jan, 2018
    More Buses Please: From CS-Kaggadasapura Railway Station (Towards CV Ramananagara ) To Shivajinagara Bus Station (Towards Departure)
    14 Dec, 2017
    More Buses Please: From Kaggadaspura (Towards CV Raman Nagara) To Byappanahalli Metro Station Back Gate (Towards Sandhanadanagar)
    14 Nov, 2017
    More Buses Please: From Bagmane Tech Park (Towards CV Raman Nagara) To Swamy Vivekananda Road Metro Station (Towards Indira Nagara)
    02 Nov, 2017
    Sewage main link blockage
    23 Jul, 2017
    Garbage Disposal
    29 Jul, 2016
    Request for new Bus from Indiranagar to WIPRO Electronics city
    11 Feb, 2016
    New route from kaggadaspura to Halasure via NGEF
    20 Nov, 2015
    03 Sep, 2015
    Open Moris Or Gutters Not Cleaned For Over 5 Years In Indiranagar 2nd Stage
    15 May, 2015
    illicit dumping of Garbage
    03 May, 2015
    Name is listed in Voter list or not?
    16 Apr, 2014
    NO Skywalk - Dangerous Road Crossing
    07 Apr, 2014
    road dug up past 6 months on surjan das road
    11 Feb, 2014
    Extend Routes
    17 Jan, 2014
    Garbage Causing Nuisance
    28 Nov, 2013
    SSB School playground
    03 Nov, 2013
    Indian gymkhana cox town garbage
    23 May, 2013
    drains left open and uncleared
    15 May, 2013
    Sundarmurthy road drain cleaning
    15 May, 2013
    Childrens Park - Kaggadaspura
    05 May, 2013
    Road not built
    05 May, 2013
    Bars, Potholes, Tempo stand, stray dogs, Urination in Nanja Reddy Colony & Murugeshpalya
    04 May, 2013
    Road cleaning of Kaggadaspura Main Road which goes in front of SCT College
    04 May, 2013
    Water Problem
    30 Apr, 2013
    need for dividers
    19 Apr, 2013
    bus connectivity
    19 Apr, 2013
    Lack of Transporation from Malleshpalya
    17 Apr, 2013
    Closing of open drain and building a road to connect 5 Th Main Malleshpalya and Kaggadaspura Main Road
    26 Mar, 2013
    Poor road condition - Kaggadasapura to Outer Ring road
    21 Feb, 2013
    Garbage dump site near the railway gate
    14 Nov, 2012
    no water supply
    20 Aug, 2012
    Non stop dog barks at night in gm palya
    24 Jul, 2012
    Encroachment in nagavarapalya main road
    24 Jul, 2012
    Road encroachment
    24 Jul, 2012
    Request for Bus services from Kaggadasapura/Vignannagar
    08 Jun, 2012
    Bus connectivity to old Airport road and Old madra road.
    10 May, 2012
    Garbage collected at around 5.30 AM
    02 May, 2012
    Health concerns due to neighbour not following sanitation
    29 Apr, 2012
    improper water supply
    23 Apr, 2012
    road condition
    05 Apr, 2012
    Garbage collection problem in Murugeshpalya
    30 Mar, 2012
    No garbage collection
    14 Feb, 2012
    Non existent road in Vignan Nagar for more than a year
    05 Dec, 2011

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