The RWA is in it's infancy... we are still getting connected with a lot more residents of apartment / Villas.

Our RWA will stretches from Sarjapura Circle being the Central point. (We plan to include all Apartments / Villas in the radius of atleast 5 KMs from that point.)

Our initiative is to co-ordinate, communicate, share and support each other.

Resolve common issues. Work with Govt. organisations to enable better living standards.

Conduct and Encourage Arts, Sports & Games to connect with every resident's, families & kids

Share & Rate Vendors, Maids, Security Details. (So that Mgmts of apartments can even blacklist whoever is not of better service etc)

Protect Lake Bed and Public Property

Associate with Govt. Agencies and get involved in town planning

...More as we evolve ourselves as matured organisation. Your suggestions are welcome.


Address :

Phone : 8892001835

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