Projects : Nayandahalli Flyover along ORR and Mysore road
Nayandahalli Flyover along ORR and Mysore road
Posted on : Jul 31, 2012
Nayandahalli junction Flyover- details as on 05.01.2012
Sl.No. Items Project Details
1 Project Name Construction of two level flyovers along ORR and Mysore road at Nayandahalli junction
3 Financing 50% BDA, 50% Loan from KUIDFC
4 Architect/Consultant M/s. STUP CONSULTANTS
5 Contractor M/s. N.C.C. LIMITED
6 Project start date 03/09/2010
7 Project duration 24 months (Including extension)
8 Project cost Rs.86.75 crores
9 Amount released till date Rs.31.49 crores
10 Sub-contractor details (If any) Nil
11 Percentage of work completion 36%
  • on 26 Sep, 2012
    The project is yet to be completed, can we not penalize the Consultant and contractor for not completing within the stipulated term of 24 months.
  • on 20 Mar, 2013
    Firstly is a great initiative for making the people of bangalore aware of their surroundings. I have couple of questions. 1) what can we do if we want to track the project status on a monthly basis ? 2) As a citizen of bangalore, how can i be helpful in making this project quickly ?