Projects : Kalyananagar junction flyover
Kalyananagar junction flyover
Posted on : Jul 31, 2012
Kalyananagar junction Flyover- details as on 30.12.2011
Sl.No. Items Project Details
1 Project Name Construction of flyover along ORR at Kalyananagar junction
3 Financing 50% BDA, 50% Loan from KUIDFC (Megacity revolving fund)
4 Architect/Consultant M/s. IIIE LIMITED and M/s. S.N. BOBE ASSOCIATES
5 Contractor M/s. N.C.C. LIMITED
6 Project start date 09/11/2009
7 Project duration 31/12/2012
8 Project cost Rs.37,64,93,309.00
9 Amount released till date Rs.31,63,79,862.00
10 Sub-contractor details (If any) 1) Bearing - M/s. SAN FIELD LIMITED 2) Expansion joint - M/s. KANTA ENTERPRISES
11 Percentage of work completion 84%
  • on 08 Aug, 2012
    Which exact location is this project referring to? At the Snap Fitness junction at KalyanNagar on ORR? Because there is no flyover work going on there as yet.
  • on 14 Nov, 2012
    This project is completed. It's surely one of the best in Bangalore so far.. It was done very neatly without disturbing the traffic.
  • on 08 Jan, 2013
    Kudos to all parties involved in making this flyover.. it is done neatly and in time! Why can't we do this every where?
  • on 08 Jan, 2013
    Kudos to all parties involved in this project.. This project is extremely well done and on time... ! Why can't we do similar stuff always and everywhere?