Projects : Detailed Project Report for Arakere
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: Bangalore Development Authority
: 12.5 crore
Estimated time
: 6 months
Start date
: 01-08-2013
End date
: 01-01-2014

The Bangalore Development authority has drawn up a detailed project report (DPR) for the renovation of Arakere lake. The DPR has been prepareed by STUP Consultant, at an estimated cost of Rs 12.5 crore. The DPR has been sent to LDA for approval. The project implementation is waiting for survey report from the Tahasildar.

  • on 20 May, 2013
    DPR 12.5 Cr without survey map from tahsildar! can we see the DPR?
  • on 21 May, 2013
    What is the current update on this?
  • on 03 Jun, 2013
    would like to know the progress on the report
  • on 26 Aug, 2013
    What is the current status ?
  • on 27 Aug, 2013
    Current status, is Survey pending still. I will ask Arekere team to comment about this
  • on 28 Aug, 2013
    The DPR is approved by LDA. BDA also floated a tender but there was only one submission. The tender processing was to be done to evaluate its suitabillity. The ANIT team is planning to meet the chief engineer to know the status and progress
  • on 28 Aug, 2013
    However, the survey is still pending
  • on 29 Aug, 2013
    We have a active email discussion group . It is open for anyone with interest on lake to join ! It is easy to join by sending a email to - Join the group & be informed about our activities.